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5 Tips to Find the Best Home Builder in Mandurah

5 Tips to Find the Best Home Builder in Mandurah

Looking to build a new home in Mandurah, Western Australia?

While a new home build is an exciting project, it’s not one that should be rushed or ill-planned. You don’t want to choose a home builder on a whim only to find that ‘gut feeling’ you had was off and you’ve locked yourself in an expensive headache.

Luckily, great home builders leave clues.

You can find the best home builder in Mandurah using the following 5 simple tips.

#1 – Create a ‘must have’ list


Your new Mandurah home is going to be one of the largest investments in your life, so it makes sense that YOU should be the one creating the list of essential features and inclusions.

For example, if you want a canal home you’d need to find a builder with experience in this niche. Or, if you’ve got your heart set on a cottage home, it’s important to put this on your ‘must have’ list to run by prospective home builders to make sure your vision and their skills are a natural fit.

Compass Homes WA Tip: Ask your home builder how many new homes they’ve built with your features and in your preferred style. This will help you get a sense of whether they suit your needs.

#2 – Check out completed projects (not just designs)


Your home builder may have a stunning portfolio of drawn house designs, but nothing beats the real deal. A finished home, preferably available in a gallery or project section on a professional website, can help you picture how your home will look when it’s completed.

At Compass Homes WA we’re proud to showcase the beauty of our finished homes throughout the Mandurah region, including the Peel region.

#3 – Ask about cost-saving processes


The cheapest builder isn’t necessarily the best option, but that doesn’t mean you should be paying through the nose for every addition – even if you’re after a luxury waterfront home in Mandurah.

A good home builder in Western Australia will have developed relationships with suppliers and contractors, which may allow for premium materials without the cost.

At Compass Homes WA we manage the design AND construction of your new home, which allows us to streamline the entire process and avoid the expensive mistakes that pop up when a home builder is given the house design from someone who doesn’t understand the area, land or needs of the homeowner.

#4 – Communication is key


Building a new home is exciting, but there will be times of stress and uncertainty too (though they’re all worth it when you wake up in your beautiful new home).

To make the process as stress-free as possible you’ll need to find a builder who values communication at each step. When you’re contacting builders to claim a free consultation (something you should always take advantage of) make a conscious effort to evaluate their communication.

  • Did they reply quickly to your email?
  • Were they open and honest on the phone?
  • Did they give you multiple pricing options based on the Mandurah property market?

As new home designers and builders, we’re proud to offer an easy line of communication from project inception to completion – because building a new home in Mandurah can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.

#5 – Ask about licenses and permits


A new home requires plenty of red tape, and that can become a HUGE headache if the responsibility is left on your shoulders.

Always check with your preferred Mandurah builder if they handle the relevant licensing and permits. At Compass Homes WA we’re registered builders, so we obtain all development and building approvals for your project.

If your new home builder doesn’t have a plan in place to handle the paperwork and replies with a confused “what?” when you ask for their licensing and permit plan, you should run for the hills.

Are you looking to build your forever home in Mandurah?


Confidence in the Australian property market is rebounding after the challenges of 2020, with 2021 set to kick off the homebuilding dreams for thousands of Western Australians.

If you’ve been considering a new home, whether it’s a single-story or multi-story; canal home or luxury cottage, make sure you do your homework before you lock in a builder.

Follow the 5 tps we’ve outlined above and you’ll be well on your way to choosing a home builder who has your best interest at heart, as well as your budget.

Ready to take the next step in your new home journey? Forget the sales pitch, claim a FREE consultation with our home design and building experts to find out how we can help.

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